Firstly: You can always email us for any questions or concerns, requests or info!

The FYBH tumblr is still up, my personal websites to reach me are here.

As always, FYBH is not Bill, doesn’t know Bill, can’t reach Bill, doesn’t know anything about Bill. All questions about Bill answered are just opinion, and not meant to be taken as gospel. Please go easy if the answer you get isn’t to your satisfaction.

FYBH has tried to respect Bill’s privacy since we started on tumblr back in 2009-we have no idea about his personal life aside from what he tells the public, and we’re not about to be a Perez Hilton 2.0. His life is his life, any rumors are just that-rumors, and any candid pictures of his kids will not make an appearance on FYBH.

FYBH has already credited pictures as much often as we can-but if you see a picture that is yours or belongs to you (ie; you took it) and you do not want it here, don’t hesitate to let us know you want it down! Just email us, comment under the post if you have an account-whichever is easier.

FYBH reserves the right to delete comments or block people who are harassing, inappropriate, or trolling. We’re not family friendly, but we’re not a Penthouse Forum, either. That means any graphic sexual asks/comments will be also be deleted/ignored. Keep it cool, don’t make it weird for a celeb-they’re human just like everyone else.

Also, holy shit-FYBH is not meant to be taken seriously, at all, and is for entertainment value. Ridiculous jokes happen, they aren’t that deep, and we mean no harm. FYBH doesn’t deserve death threats over a guy mistaken for Rainn Wilson 35% of the time.

Anything we’re associated with is listed here on the site in general, including an auto twitter feed for posts. We do not own the FYBH instagram that exists, we’re not on Discord, Blogger, Pillowfort, etc.