The first reactions for ‘IT Chapter Two’ are in- and everyone’s obsessed with Bill Hader

Get your therapist on speed dial, because IT Chapter Two is nearly here to retraumatise you with everything from a scary clown to how harrowing growing up is — and the first reactions are in as critics and fans stream out of the first screenings.

The overall mood is: IT Chapter One, but more. If you found yourself picking holes in the first movie, you’ll probably be frustrated again; if you loved the personal stakes and the characters, there’s that in spades here, with performances from the adult Losers to rival any “serious” drama; and the ending might make you cry.

And if it made you lose sleep, you can look forward to more of that too. (mashable)

Over 25 New ‘It 2’ Images Offer a Closer Look at the Creepy Sequel

First of all, the visual representation of the adult actors as grown-up counterparts of the young kids from the first movie works wonderfully—especially Hader as a grown-up Finn Wolfhard. But there’s also quite a bit in Pennywise’s lair that we get to see, although it remains to be seen how much we’re seeing is at it is in the movie, and how much has been altered to avoid spoilers.

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