SAG Awards: Why So Many Television Co-Stars Are Competing Against Each Other


It’s a system that forces voters to weigh the merits of a showy supporting performance against a meaty lead. And sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a showy supporting performance, such as Joseph Fiennes’ occasional appearances on The Handmaid’s Tale, which don’t really seem comparable to a single show anchor like Bob Odenkirk or John Krasinski.

It also can force a choice between performances that have both been found winner-worthy. For Barry, voters will be forced to pick between Bill Hader, an upstart writer-director-star, and Henry Winkler, consensus choice as Hollywood’s Nicest Person four decades running. Industry reverence would give Winkler the edge, except The Kominsky Method earned double noms for the equally adored Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. If the Kominsky and Barry men all split the vote, might Tony Shalhoub sneak in?


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Bill Hader at the 19th Annual AFI Awards


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