How Bill Hader and Finn Wolfhard Made ‘It Chapter Two’ 2019’s Funniest Horror Movie

While Wolfhard has become a recent staple in hit genre films and TV shows, thanks in large part to his role as Mike in Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, Hader is best known for his comedy. After doing an eight-season run on the long-running Saturday Night Live, Hader went on to co-star in hits like Trainwreck and The Mindy Project, and was part of the voice cast for Bob’s Burgers, Finding Dory, Inside Out, and more. The two might have contrasting résumés, but in reality, the actors couldn’t be more similar— neither wanted to be an actor, both are quieter than what you might expect, and both had to quickly learn how to navigate fame as cast members for popular shows. Their similarities, in turn, made matching the older and younger versions of Richie a snap for the pair.

(mild spoilers in the article at GQ)

Finn Wolfhard on Bill Hader- It Chapter 2

“Bill and I had a few days to just hang out. One day, we just hung out in Bill’s trailer and talked about movies. He even gave me advice about stuff. For Bill, it was easy to study my mannerisms because he could just watch the first movie. I didn’t really have to be there, but he still hung out with me which is really nice. He can handle anything on set because he was on a live show where they had to go-go-go for years.” (via THR)

‘IT: Chapter Two’ Star Finn Wolfhard Explains His Approach to the Sequel

Taking on the role of Wolfhard’s Richie Tozier as an adult is Bill Hader, who the young actor trusted to honor what he established of the character in the first film and to also depict who Richie would evolve into.

“Bill is a genius and I certainly wouldn’t give him any advice unless he asked,” Wolfhard confessed. “But we had some great discussions on set when our days were overlapping. He’s obviously a great impressionist and mimic and I actually can’t wait to see the film to see what he’s done with adult Richie.”

[Via Comic Book]