That Bonkers Episode of ‘Barry’ Could (And Should) Win Bill Hader At Least 3 Separate Emmys


Not everything in life should be about awards, but it should be about recognizing and appreciating brilliance when we see it. And while it’s easy to pop onto the Internet and shout at everyone (and no one) that “This person needs a statue!” in some cases, that really couldn’t be truer.

And so I am here today to announce that Bill Hader needs several Emmys for tonight’s episode of Barry, please and thank you. Sure, he took home the gold decoration at last year’s Emmys for Actor in a Comedy Series (and Henry Winkler won in the Supporting category), and the HBO series was also nominated in the Writing and Directing for a Comedy Series, as well as Outstanding Comedy Series categories. But after watching the fascinating and fucked up “ronny/lily” episode tonight, all those trophies should be ON LOCK for Barry, and specifically Hader, at this year’s ceremony.

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That ‘Barry’ episode was the most insane yet. We got Bill Hader to explain how they made it.


Did you finish Sunday night’s episode of “Barry” and think, “Uh — what did I just watch?”

Don’t worry. You’re far from alone.

“Barry” star Bill Hader — who co-wrote and directed Season 2, Episode 5 — wasn’t sure whether it would provoke a reaction when HBO sent out early copies to the press. Then the messages started rolling in. Mostly along the lines of, “Oh, my God . . . what the hell was that?!”

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Bill Hader on Barry’s Journey Into Darkness

“As an actor, it’s nice to know where the story’s headed and where the story is and where we’re at. As a writer, it’s nice to know what the emotion is in that part of the story and where we’re headed. A lot of times as an actor you don’t know those things and you’ll play something, and sometimes a director doesn’t know how to tell you “I don’t know if this moment’s working” because the emotion’s not really right. That helps, but really, I barely know my lines. I’m doing all the other stuff, then when it’s time to act it’s like, “All right, wait, what are we doing?” You know what I mean? In a weird way I think that helps me because I’m just being much more instinctual about it, and the only thing that sucks is if I will kind of modulate or approximate my lines. The people who are more theater-trained tend to get a little frustrated with me, I’ve found, because I kind of dance around the whole thing. But I just like behavior. I’m more interested in behavior rather than the exact words they’re saying.”

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‘Barry’ Renewed for Season 3 by HBO

Huzzah and kudos to BarryBill Hader‘s excellent HBO series, which has been renewed by the premium network today for Season 3. The series received three Emmys for its first season: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Bill Hader); Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Henry Winkler); and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation.

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Bill Hader Is Not Your Clown


Hader is completely uninterested in offering anything other than the honest truth. He’s not serving you metaphor and meaning. He’s not even able to hide his own feelings for his character. “People are complicated, and some of us are really fucking awful,” he says. “People always ask me, ‘Well, do you like Barry?’ I’m like, No! He kills people.”

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