Bill Hader Is Not Your Clown


Hader is completely uninterested in offering anything other than the honest truth. He’s not serving you metaphor and meaning. He’s not even able to hide his own feelings for his character. “People are complicated, and some of us are really fucking awful,” he says. “People always ask me, ‘Well, do you like Barry?’ I’m like, No! He kills people.”

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Bill Hader is enjoying his greatest success with ‘Barry,’ and it’s no accident

One minute he’s talking on the phone from Los Angeles. Then there’s a strange noise in the background. This interview is going to end prematurely.

“Uh, I’m going to have to get off the phone, we’ve just been rear-ended,” says Bill Hader, who talks as he’s climbing out of the car.

“Oh man,” Hader utters, and the phone connection goes dead.


(He’s fine. Read the interview at TulsaWorld)

Bill Hader on the Music That Made Him


Though he is understandably fatigued from the long days—Hader not only stars in “Barry,” but also serves as a writer, director, and executive producer for the show—the moment we begin to discuss music, he gets animated. Opening his phone’s music app, Hader scrolls through an eclectic collection of artists he’s considering to soundtrack “Barry”—jazz great Jimmy Smith, reggae star Marcia Griffiths, psychedelic funk band Khruangbin, and more. “I’m always on a quest to find everything,” he says. “It’s not a completist thing, it’s just that I get excited by it, and I want to learn as much as I can.”

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