DGA Awards: The Couple Behind ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ on Competing for the Comedy Prize

As they prepare to face off at the DGA Awards, Sherman-Palladino and Palladino admit they can’t get mad at the competition: Donald Glover (“Atlanta”), Hiro Murai (“Atlanta”), and Bill Hader (“Barry”). Of the nominees, only Glover and Sherman-Palladino have previously been nominated, and no one in the category has previously won a DGA Award — so it will be a first for whoever winds up on stage.

“I’m going to be applauding for whomever wins, unless it’s me, and then I’ll pretend to be very humble,” Palladino said. “[Look at] the company we’re in. We’ve met Bill Hader, and once you meet Bill Hader there’s no hating Bill Hader!”

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Pure Nitro: 40 Years of Charles Portis’s Comic Masterpiece ‘The Dog of the South’

Bill Hader, the former Saturday Night Live cast member and the star and creator of HBO’s Barry, first encountered The Dog of the South following a recommendation from SNL writer Matt Murray, and quickly joined the ranks of Portis’s cult. For Hader, there was an instant recognition of his own off-the-beaten-path upbringing in these characters. “I thought they were funny in the way the people I grew up around in Oklahoma were funny,” he writes in an email. “Dry, irreverent, strange. And the idea of not being able to achieve ‘escape velocity’ was something I think a lot of Midwesterners with big aspirations can relate to.”

In a quixotic gesture, Hader obtained the film rights to The Dog of the South, fully aware of the virtually impossible challenge of bringing such an elusive and internal-monologue-driven novel to the screen in any recognizable form. “It’s incredibly hard to make it a movie. Part of what makes Portis fun is that you’re sitting at a bar with this unassuming guy and he’s telling you this hysterical story, but if you went home and told that story to your girlfriend or husband, it wouldn’t be as funny because Charles Portis isn’t telling it. Unless he’s sleeping with your girlfriend or husband, I guess.”


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Bill Hader’s (almost) ready for his spotlight in the first teaser for Barry’s second season

Barry’s first season was a marvel unto itself, and had the show ended with Bill Hader’s assassin-turned-actor climbing into bed after what may have been his most cold-blooded kill yet, well, it might’ve been perfect. But the premise still has so much to offer, as does the show’s deep bench of supporting characters, from Sarah Goldberg’s Sally to Henry Winkler’s Gene to Anthony Carrigan’s hysterical NoHo Hank. It’s a distinct pleasure, then, to see all of them on hand in the first teaser for the show’s second season, which looks to explore the “inherent darkness” inside our namesake antihero.

“Am I evil?” he asks Hank, whose affirmative response does well in illustrating just how well the HBO series balances its broad humor and pitch-black themes. Watch the full teaser above in advance of the season’s spring premiere. [article by AVClub]