Emmys: Bill Hader and Jharrel Jerome on Portraying Trauma, Performing Stunts and Finding Trust in Directors

Hader: I think you just feel it out, but honestly you really don’t know until you see the thing. Like with “Pineapple Express,” I showed up in the trailer and it was all ’40s, and I was like, “What are we doing?” I thought it was going to get cut, that those guys just had f— off money and were shooting anything. Then I saw the movie, and the minute the logo came up in black and white, I was like, “F—!” And it’s cool: Over 10 years later people are still talking about it.(variety)

Screenshot_2019-07-29 Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood Thinks Bill Hader Could Play Him In a Biopic

During a backstage interview, NME’s Andrew Trendell asked Greenwood about the chances of a Radiohead biopic and who he thought could play his role. Greenwood replied, “Who’s that guy from ‘Saturday Night Live’ who’s slightly unusual-looking? He made that comedy recently about that hitman who ends up becoming an actor.” (pitchfork)