That Bonkers Episode of ‘Barry’ Could (And Should) Win Bill Hader At Least 3 Separate Emmys


Not everything in life should be about awards, but it should be about recognizing and appreciating brilliance when we see it. And while it’s easy to pop onto the Internet and shout at everyone (and no one) that “This person needs a statue!” in some cases, that really couldn’t be truer.

And so I am here today to announce that Bill Hader needs several Emmys for tonight’s episode of Barry, please and thank you. Sure, he took home the gold decoration at last year’s Emmys for Actor in a Comedy Series (and Henry Winkler won in the Supporting category), and the HBO series was also nominated in the Writing and Directing for a Comedy Series, as well as Outstanding Comedy Series categories. But after watching the fascinating and fucked up “ronny/lily” episode tonight, all those trophies should be ON LOCK for Barry, and specifically Hader, at this year’s ceremony.

(more at Decider)

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