Bill Hader reveals he was forced to work out for role on Barry… and he based the character of NoHo Hank on an employee at Apple’s Genius Bar


My computer wasn’t working so I couldn’t write so had to take it to the Genius Bar at the Apple store,’ he said.

‘And the guy there was so nice and so cool that I came back and I said lets make him like the guy from the Genius Bar.’

He went on to explain that, from there, he wanted NoHo Hank to be extremely hospitable just like the employees at the Apple store.   

‘When you’re at the Genius Bar you’re really mad because your computer doesn’t work. And they’re just like, ‘oh yea, sure man, I can help you with that. While you wait we have a Starbucks across the street like to go over there,’ which got laughs from Ellen and the audience. 

By the time the trouble-shooting was over, Hader was told that his computer stopped working because he spilled syrup all over it, which got some more laughs from the crowd and Ellen.



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