‘IT: Chapter Two’ Reportedly Almost Three Hours Long

Another important note is that, like every early cut of every movie, initial screenings typically compile all of the best takes of the various scenes placed together in chronological order. Once audiences, and the filmmakers, witness multiple viewings of these assembly cuts, the film starts to get whittled down into a more digestible experience. No matter what the first reported running time might be, we always expect these times to vary from the theatrical release of the film.

Even though we know that IT: Chapter Two won’t land in theaters with a three-hour running time, we won’t be surprised if it is longer than the original, as it features not only sequences featuring the young characters from the first movie, but also the adult versions of those characters. The first IT has a running time of two hours and 15 minutes, so we could likely expect Chapter Two to surpass that length.

[Read More At ComicBook]

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